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Embrace flexible telephony, convenience and line rental savings via business grade VOIP technology

Your Telecoms Expert will only recommend VOIP if it provides real-world benefits and a realistic immediate and ongoing return on investment. We will never sell VOIP lines solely on the basis that they will save money on the cost of phone calls. Your Telecoms Expert's foremost consideration when recommending VOIP, is consistent call quality and convenience.


Quality of Service

Your Telecoms Expert are experts in designing IP telephony solutions which ensure business grade audio quality between your building, the Internet and the destination you are calling.

We have strategic partnerships with VOIP account providers, who operate direct quality assured links to the suppliers whom we use to deliver our customer's broadband services.

This unique approach is specifically important, where e-mail, Internet browsing and other data services may be operating over the same broadband connection.

Line Rental Savings

VOIP lines are virtual phone lines, which can be activated on any suitable broadband connection. The number of virtual lines that can be activated on a broadband connection, depends on the upload and download speeds of that connection and other activity that may be occurring at the same time, such as e-mail, web browsing, or other data services.

BT style analogue or ISDN lines cost between £11 - £14 per line, per month. VOIP lines from Your Telecoms Expert, cost just £4.95 each. Direct Dial Number rental is also Free of Charge on VOIP accounts too.

Convenience, Flexibility & Contingency

Area codes are not limited to your geographic office location. Numbers can even be activated in the 'cloud' and redirected to mobile phones and other locations.

In addition to financial savings, this flexibility and convenience can provide excellent contingency when relocating offices as well as during disaster recovery situations surrounding building access (where diverts can't be enabled on the physical business phone system).

Traditional BT style lines typically don't offer the same level of flexibility. Often, groups of direct dial numbers can't be diverted to more than one destination and due to fraud prevention, it is also challenging to divert BT style lines to mobiles too.