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Intelligent cost effective line rental


ISDN2 & ISDN30 telephone lines, allow digital transmission of voice information over ordinary copper telephone wire. This results in improved call quality as well as reducing the cabling required to connect multiple telephone lines to modern business telephone systems.


ISDN2 provides a single wall box in your building, delivery 2 telephone lines. Multiple ISDN2 boxes can be installed, for businesses requiring 4 or 6 telephone lines.

´╗┐ISDN 30

For businesses requiring more than 6 digital lines, or those expecting their line capacity requirements to increase in the near future, ISDN30 provides a more cost effective and expandable solution.

ISDN30 provides a single wall box in your building, delivering a minimum of 8 telephone lines, to a maximum of 30.


Unlike traditional individual analogue lines, digital ISDN lines are not typically associated with a specific telephone number, per line.

Your company telephone numbers, fax numbers and direct dial numbers, all 'float' above your group of available ISDN lines, temporarily taking the next free line when a call is made or received. On recieving calls, the caller ID can be passed to your business telephone system, which can then be configured to route that call based on the number dialled to the correct location or fax machine in your building. When the call has ended, that line becomes free again to receive another call on any of your numbers.

This inteligent approach, avoids the need to have dedicated telephone lines, sat their awaiting infrequent usage, such as faxes. If you have traditional dedicated fax lines, talk to Your Telecoms Expert about a potential upgrade to ISDN digital lines as this may improve call quality and save you money on unnecessary line rental.