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Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Your Telecoms Expert, understands that often it’s not as easy as choosing new systems and solutions and obtaining pricing.

Your Telecoms Expert works with a large selection of telephone system maintenance providers.

Regardless of the brand, make or model of system involved, we are confident we will always be able to reach out to a professional and experienced provider who fully understands your existing or new equipment and services and is able to provide a competitive and reliable service.

Traditionally, maintenance has been very focused on ‘break / fix’.

In short, you traditionally pay a large sum each year ‘in case’ a problem or failure occurs.

Even when problems arise, are you happy your equipment has failed or developed issues? Generally even though you are paying for maintenance and someone will come out quickly to begin working on the problem, it’s still not a positive or pleasant situation and the downtime, however little, still costs your business time and money.


This is where Your Telecoms Expert does things differently. We work with specialist providers who understand your systems and services, but most importantly, we can recommend monitoring services that with our guidance will notify us in advance if your equipment is experiencing potential problems, which may finally result in an overall failure.

We can monitor:

  • Temperature
  • Storage Space
  • Telephone Line Status
  • Network Connectivity
  • Power Status

Based on the above information, we can arrange for periodic health checks or early preventative maintenance, before small issues become big ones.

We will also look at ways in which we can reduce your overall annual maintenance costs… for example, many providers charge maintenance on your telephone handsets as well as your actual core telephone system equipment. We don’t see the value in this, as simply keeping a couple of spare handsets on site, removes the need for this extra expense.

Furthermore, where possible to aid cash-flow; we can also negotiate options for payment of maintenance services from one annual lump sum, into a monthly subscription.

Speak to Your Telecoms Expert today for a no obligation free review of your existing coverage to see if we can save you time, money and offer access to an improved service.