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Robust, dedicated high bandwidth broadband connections suitable for VOIP and demanding data applications


Ethernet First Mile, utilises high grade data network cabling for a portion of the distance between your business premises and your local BT exchange. This allows higher, robust and more consistent 'two way' data transfer speeds for businesses who have high volumes of Internet and E-mail users, or whom require improved upload speeds for applications such as VOIP.

Your Telecoms Expert have built specific solutions, allowing portions of EFM or Fibre Circuits to be sectioned off and dedicated to specific applications. This means, for example, that a business operating a 10MB EFM circuit could configure 8MBs for general Internet browsing and e-mail and reserve 2MBs for other applications such as VOIP.

VOIP espcially, requires consistent and ideally equal upload and download speeds. Traditional ADSL connections often deliver comparatively much reduced upload speeds, which make such services risky or impractical for consistent business grade IP telephone calls. In addition, traditional ADSL services are often shared (referred to as contended) by up to 20 people within your postcode area. This contention ratio, usually indicated by a marker of 20:1 within the ADSL package details, means that speeds will never be consistent as they will greatly depend on the activity of other broadband customer's outside of your business.

Whereas in some circumstances, a fee can be paid to reduce the contention ratio of a normal ADSL connection from 20:1 to 5:1 (or even in some cases 1:1), this proves expensive and would normally only be considered during very specific situations or as a 'best available' back up service for EFM or Fibre circuits, for minor critical services.


Dedicated Fibre circuits differ from services such as Fibre to the Cabinet, as they provide a dedicated full end-to-end fibre optic connection between your building and your BT exchange. Considered one of the fastest, most reliable and robust data services currently on the market, Fibre connections of this type are typically associated with larger businesses with very high volumes of staff or with a vast number of VOIP and/or data applications operating from a single location.

As with EFM, serenity provide the option for Fibre connections (which typically deliver consistent 'two way' speeds up to and above 100MBs) to be divided up into separate pools of available bandwidth and allocated to specific tasks, such as, for example, video streaming and VOIP etc.