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Your Telecoms Expert, understands that often it’s not as easy as choosing new systems and solutions and obtaining pricing.

Typically, someone within the business needs to already fully understand the existing equipment and services, in order to decide if they all need replacing or upgrading, or if they need expanding or reducing.

This task can often take hours and usually means locating old paperwork, contacting existing providers (usually via long winded auto-attendants, being passed from one department to another).

If a business doesn’t have a communications manager, already responsible for collating this information, it often gets ‘dumped’ by default on other ‘already busy’ staff such as the IT Manager, Accounts Department, HR or an office junior.

Through no fault of their own, those who are delegated this task by default, often don’t fully understand the information, equipment and terminology they are collating and the outcome isn’t always an accurate overview - it often includes assumptions and guesswork and all at the expense of the company whereby that member of staff is being paid for time that doesn’t involve the skills they were initially hired for.

This is where Your Telecoms Expert can save time, money and avoid decisions made on incorrectly interpreted information.  Our process includes:

  • Initial Free Consultation to identify the business goals, challenges and current and future requirements
  • Initial Free visual inspection to provide a summary report
  • A competitive rate for a full formal documented audit of:
    1. Cabling Infrastructure
    2. Physical Equipment
    3. Live, Inactive, Used and Unused Lines & Broadband Services
    4. WIFI Coverage & Access Points
    5. Mobile Reception (if required) to aid choice of network for staff devices
  • A subsequent independent recommendation inline with the identified company goals
  • Your Telecoms Expert can manage the subsequent tender process and compare supplier offerings
  • Upon selecting appropriate suppliers, products & services, Your Telecoms Expert can optionally Project Manage the deployment and activations
  • Your Telecoms Expert can then optionally provide ongoing support and mediate between the client and the existing or new suppliers, reporting back periodically as agreed

We can achieve the above in less time than an existing staff member, allowing existing staff to focus on their paid skilled roles, while ensuring the business gets accurate information on which important financial and operational decisions can subsequently be made.