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Your-Switch Pricing

Product Code: YSPR


YOUR-SWITCH Pricing is based on the maximum number of simoultaneous telephone calls your company can make/receive at the same time.

If you don't need a full telephone system and just require a basic virtual business landline number that diverts calls to your mobile phone, please scroll down and see our Virtual Landline Number option below.


Your Switch Versions Number of Simoultaneous Calls * Number of Handsets/Extensions Technical Support *** Number of Telephone Numbers Included **** Monthly Rental Additional Telephone Numbers (Monthly Rental, Per Number) *****
YSSC1 1 Unlimited Included 1 £15.99 £2.99
YSSC2 2 Unlimited Included 1 £29.99 £2.99
YSSC4 4 Unlimited Included 1 £41.95 £2.99
YSSC6 6 Unlimited Included 1 £59.99 £2.99
YSSC8 8 Unlimited Included 1 £74.99 £2.99
YSSC10 10 Unlimited Included 1 £99.99 £2.99
YSSC12 12 Unlimited Included 1 £117.99 £2.99
YSSC14 14 Unlimited Included 1 £135.99 £2.99
YSSC16 16 Unlimited Included 1 £154.99 £2.99
YSSC24 24 Unlimited Included 1 £209.99 £2.99
YSSC32 32 Unlimited Included 1 £269.99 £2.99



Initial Remote System Configuration   £9.95
Handset Setup (Posted ready to plug in)   £8.95 per handset
Alternatively (if needed/or preferred)...    
On-Site Installation   £79 per hour
Travel Expenses (Round Trip)   £0.25p per mile


* Suitable quality broadband service required

- Ask us to test your Internet connection

- Business grade Internet services available on quotation

*** Technical support is provided by telephone and remote 'dial in' screen-sharing

**** 1 Included telephone number refers to either a new number, or an existing number that is being transferred

***** Additional numbers refers to either new numbers, or existing numbers that are being transferred



If you don't need the functionality of a full telephone system...


Why not simply order a new virtual telephone number for your business, with any area code of your choice?


We can divert the new virtual number to your mobile or any other telephone line, allowing your business to advertise a professional contact number.


When diverted to a mobile phone, for example, you will see the call as having come from the new number. This is because callers ring that number and our service then makes another call from that number to your mobile to create the divert. For this reason, you will not see the caller's number. However, in most cases; they will leave a voicemail message on your mobile if you do not answer.

(The cost of the diverted call to your mobile, will be 4.7p per minute in addition to the cost of rental for the virtual number)


If you do need additional features, such as a seperate company voicemail service and/or e-mail notificaiton of missed calls (providing the caller's number, for occasions when they do not leave a voicemail), plus many more business features - then please see our full Your-Switch business telephone system solutions above.


You can upgrade from a virtual number, diverted to your mobile; to a full Your-Switch telephone system, at any time.