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Splicecom Telephone System

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A well established enterprise level physical telephone system, now available as a cost effective fully hosted / cloud based, solution.

Your Telecoms, a seasoned SpliceCom direct partner, installer & maintainer
Your Telecoms, are a seasoned SpliceCom partner; with over 15 years experience in designing, installing and maintaining SpliceCom based solutions.  We currently support around 20 live systems, many of which span 2 or 3 fully intergrated sites, comprising of over 200 users, using both traditional telephone lines, including ISDN as well as modern VOIP lines, based on the industry standard SIP / VOIP protocol.

SpliceCom as a hosted / cloud based solution
SpliceCom, traditionally a UK based, physical telephone system manufacturer, have now extended their solutions, to include a fully hosted, cloud based version of their robust business grade telephony platform.  All SpliceCom products, software and services remain available as part of this service.

Why Choose a SpliceCom Private Cloud Solution?
Hosted telephony has a number of benefits compared to a legacy on premise PABX to include minimal capital investment, no onsite hardware to maintain, ease of access for remote staff and small offices, lower cost charges compared to ISDN for UK landlines and mobiles and easier to configure and make changes.  

SpliceCom Select Private Cloud offers benefits above that of a traditional hosted telephony solution to include benefits such as:

  • Dedicated Cloud based IP Voice Platform (your extensions are not part of a shared online platform)

  • Customer/Supplier managed upgrades – no surprises!

  • 15 years of voice features and feature scalability, derived from physical solution deployments

  • Integrated Devices – broad range of IP Desk Phones, Softphones for PCs, Macs and SmartPhones and PC Phone Partner Software deliver common look and feel irrespective of choice of device.

  • Embedded Business Management – Vision Reports is a fundamental value added Business Management Tool, supplied as standard within Select Cloud. SpliceCom’s own Wallboard/Dashboard and Call Recording can support this. Data storage for Reports and recordings can be fully managed as per a traditional PBX and not based upon monthly storage charges.

  • Integrated Applications such as Outlook/Leading CRMs/etc.

  • The ability to deploy on-premises survivable gateways for larger deployments or where disaster planning is a fundamental requirement

SpliceCom Advanced Mobility Applications
With all SpliceCom systems mobility is at the heart of the product.  Allowing the most simple call forwarding to an external number e.g. mobile or introducing the ability to receive a call and hold and transfer without the need of any additional software.

Standard Mobility Features

  • Find Me/Follow Me – ease of diverts to an external device/number

  • Dual Ring – rings deskphone/softphone and external device/number at the same time

  • Extension Anywhere – Allows remote devices to receive a call and hold/enquire/transfer/conference/park the call.

SpliceCom iPCS
SpliceCom’s iPCS application takes Office Mobility to the next logical stage, enabling Apple, Android and Microsoft Smart Phones and Tablets to be utilised as highly featured business phones.

Providing a fully integrated IP Phone solution for the entire workforce, iPCS works in the same way as SpliceCom’s PCS system phones, empowering employees with access to key business features wherever they might be- at their desk or away from it. iPCS utilises WiFi or 3G connectivity to provide direct integration with SpliceCom’s Cloud Voice.

iPCS key features: 

  • SpliceCom’s unique multi-functional, Favourites application

  • SpliceCom’s Centralised System Directory for fast and accurate dialing of customers, suppliers, work colleagues and internal Departments

  • Selectable All/Missed Call History, for both calls made to your extension and any Department(s) you might be handling calls for - including integrated voicemail playback

  • Full control of personal mobility options; diversion for DDI and Group calls, the device calls will be diverted to, Do Not Disturb and Out Of Office message.

  • Offers Call Recording when used in combination with Vision Record

  • WiFi only lock to avoid failover to poor 3G/4G services

  • SSL Gateway can be supported via MultiApp Platform (MAP)

Vision Business Management Application Suite

The Vision Application Suite offers SpliceCom  Select Cloud users a true business tool that improve Customer Service as well as manage and control costs from both infrastructure and staff perspectives.  Where as other Hosted telephony rely on “bolt-on” third party applications to deliver features such as call reporting and call recording, the Vision Application Suite is 100% developed, delivered and supported by SpliceCom, so improving the overall customer experience. SpliceCom Vision Reports is offered as a standard feature for all Cloud deployments.

Vision Reports

  • Call Management Reports
  • Browser Based
  • User Permission based access
  • 31 Standard Reports
    • Capacity Planning
    • Cost Analysis
    • Performance Management
  • Scheduled Email Reporting
  • Call Alarms (Fraud Alert)

Vision Live Wallboard

  • Browser Based
  • Real Time Wallboard Application
  • User/Department and Reporting Group filters
  • Information presentation:
    • Statistic Panel
    • Status Panel
    • Report Panel
    • Web Panel
    • Scrolling Ticker Tape
  • Threshold Alarms per Tile with audio
  • Drill down via selected Report Tile opens related Vision Report

Vision Record

  • Mandatory Recording Solution - Optional
  • Centralised Recording Storage/Archive
  • Encrypted Recordings
  • Comprehensive Search engine
  • Vision Reports include notification of recording with playback
  • Recording activity report log
    • Playback/Download/Email
  • Permissions based access

Your Telecoms Expert SpliceCom Customer Comments:

“Adrian has provided me with I.T. & Telecoms advice for over a decade and I've always found him helpful, friendly and very professional. His prices are competitive but the added value he brings in terms of knowledge and experience is priceless.”

Kenny McNally, Senior Associate at Allan Murray Architects - Edinburgh

“I worked with Adrian while FD at Corporate Edge and he provided a very professional service, helping to find flexible solutions for our businesses' communications needs.”

Perninder Dhadwar, Business Consultant & Finance Director


An Introduction To SpliceCom Limited

From: Barry Edwards, Managing Director/CEO, SpliceCom Limited

I would personally like to thank you for considering the purchase of a SpliceCom Select Private Cloud based solution. I believe that our systems’ unique combination of ultimate flexibility and lowest Total Cost of Ownership make this a very compelling investment.

We pride ourselves on being Britain's leading designer, developer and manufacturer of IP Voice Systems, whether they be deployed as Cloud or On-Premises solutions, delivering Industry Leading Business Connectivity solutions for all types of company, irrespective of their size. Our focus is on innovation that delivers measurable business benefits, based on our unique embedded Business Management Applications, including the Vision Management Suite and Mobility applications such as IPCS for Apple, Android and Microsoft SmartPhones.

Although a worldwide provider of business voice solutions, SpliceCom is a UK centric company, securing the very best Design, Development and Support expertise, based in our Headquarters in Chorleywood, Hertfordshire, just minutes from the M25. 

Our manufacturing is also based here in the UK, facilitating excellent communications between all parties in the product supply chain. Our manufacturing facility is involved in all aspects of production, from pre-production models, manufacturing, RMA Services and Logistics, giving us the ultimate control over productivity and product quality, all in the same time zone.

SpliceCom supplies our customers via a Channel of Accredited Resellers, who have direct access to our in-country Support team and give us valued input on new product development and system enhancements. Nothing is more pleasing to me than knowing that our ongoing developments are truly benefitting the businesses that invest in them.

Barry Edwards, Managing Director/CEO, SpliceCom Limited


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