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Siemens Gigaset Solutions

Product Code: GIGA01

This page provides information exclusively around the Siemens Gigaset wireless handset.  These handsets will work with our Your-Switch modern, hosted business telephone system.


Siemens Gigaset Handsets and base stations are one of the highest quality, most versatile generic business walkabout DECT / IP handset solutions available.

At Your Telecoms Expert, our current preferred combination is the is the N510IP Base Station (supporting up to 6 handsets per base station), plus the SL400H Handsets, which include bluetooth for optional pairing with a wireless headset for complete handsfree freedom.

The SL400H provides superb high quality HD audio, meeting the requirement for business grade telephone call quality.

As an optional alternative, customers could opt to purchase the N300A IP base station, which also offers a standard connection to a normal traditional telephone line; this not only provides as a backup, should Internet or VOIP facilities go down, but also allows the user to choose how and which line to dial out on; between Internet Telephone Lines (VOIP / SIP) and/or traditional lines - often also useful if you have specific discounts on a traditional analogue telephone line package, that's relevant when calling certain destinations.

The N300A (as opposed to the N300) includes an Answer-phone facility; which can also add value if you require inbound calls on your traditional analogue telephone line to have the option for messages to be left (as even though you may have voicemail on your Internet Telephony solution, this won't receive or allow messages to be left for any calls recieved on your traditional, normal phone line).


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