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Mobile Phone & Tablet Repairs

Product Code: REPAIRS


APPLE: iPhone, iPad, iPod

SAMSUNG: Galaxy, Galaxy TAB, Galaxy Note

NOKIA: 600 Series, 800 Series, 900 Series, 1000 Series

SONY: Xperia Z (Ultra, Z1 (inc Compact), Tablet & R models)

Screen Replacement, Battery Replacement, WIFI Faults, Camera Faults, Water Damage Treatment.


Water Damage Treatment:

If your iPhone has accidentally been dropped or come into contact with water and is no longer working as it should then this is the repair to choose.

To fix a water damaged device, we first remove any corrosion off of the logic board. Once the logic board has dried out from the cleaning process we'll rebuild the device and fully test it. In a lot of cases the device won't need any further work carried out but sometimes water can damage the swappable components of the item such as the speaker or battery. If this is the case we'll contact you before doing any further work on the device to find out how you want to proceed.

As all water damaged phones and tablets are affected differently this is not a repair we can guarantee and it also takes longer than 24 hours due to the processes we have to go through. We are pleased to have over a 75% success rate with water damaged devices.


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