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Your-Switch Hosted Telephone System

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A modern hosted telephone system, for 1 to 100s of users

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Instead of purchasing a traditional telephone system, which requires installation, power, maintenance and often the

purchase of the manufacture own telephone handsets...


Your Telecoms offer a business grade 'hosted / virtual' business telephone system, that works with a wide range of

compatible business grade telephone handsets, from leading brands, including: Cisco, Yeahlink, Siemens and many others.


Handset options include both wired desk phones, with optional headsets, as well as 'walkabout' wireless handsets.


All handsets can make, take, hold and transfer calls between each other.  You can even locate handsets at other sites or

branches, or even at staff's homes to take advantage of flexible working hours and home-working.  


After confirming suitable broadband is available at the location where handsets are to be used, we activate a 'hosted'

business telephone system for you, called Your-Switch and we configured it with you to route calls to

the new phones.


The term 'hosted' simply means that instead of having a physical telephone system in your building, you are using a

software based telephone system that runs from our secure and resiliant computer servers, based in major UK data centres.

 In other words, we are hosting your telephone system on computers in specifically designed buildings.  We pay to power

and maintain these computers, leaving you simply needing to choose handsets and with our help, connect them to your

broadband (over which, they can operate and talk to, the hosted telephone system in our data centres).  


If you purchase or transfer the broadband over which the new telephone handsets work, to Your Telecoms.  Our broadband

services and our hosted Your-Switch telephone servers, are based within/from the same data centres.  This improves

reliability and aids in ensuring business quality telephone calls.


New telephone numbers can be taken with any area code, and/or existing telephone numbers can be moved/ported to the

new ‘hosted’ system.  The Your-Switch hosted business telephone system, supports all major business features expected

within most company telephone systems, including:



• Auto-Attendants (Press 1 for this, 2 for that etc)

• Conference Calls

• Divert to Mobiles & Other Landlines

• Hunt Groups (i.e. Sales, Marketing, Accounts)

• Voicemail (including Voicemail to E-mail)

• Greetings & Announcements

• Hold Music

• Route Calls based on Time of Day or Day of the Week

• Blacklist Numbers

• Create Call Queues with different rules

• Interact with door entry equipment

• Campaigns, via auto-dialing from number lists

• Call History, Logs & Reports

• Text Messaging Support

• Electronic Fax Intergration




Your Telecoms Expert Customer Comments:

“Your Telecoms Expert upgraded our phone system to voice over IP including alteration of broadband. The service provided from initial survey to after sales is excellent. We are really pleased with the new phones and this helps us provide a better service to our customers and suppliers. I personally thank you for your continued support and look forwards to a long standing personal and business relationship.”

David Spencer, Managing Director, Plumbing Heating & Electrical Innovations Limited (PHEI) - Staveley, Chesterfield.

“Adrian has personally supervised our needs for many years and is an expert in his field. Importantly, Adrian's integrity is unquestionable and you will appreciate his professionalism as he strives to provide a solution which best suits your business objectives.”

Jeremy Cadman, Founding Partner at Bid Management, Stafford.


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